Puris Ultra Mild Wet Wipes


The new generation of baby care products has arrived!


The formula has been exclusively developed for Puris privileging the most natural ingredients of the emulsion: Water and Oil. The former are emulsified with natural lipoproteins and with the exclusive contribution of mechanical and not chemical energy.

The ingredients have been balanced to protect, soothe, moisturise, nourish and cleanse thoroughly.


The microfiltered water and oil become the heroes to be rediscovered. They guarantee product quality and cosmetic performances without the need for chemical additives.


   Free from: Phenoxyethanol, Parabens, SLES, SLS

   Ingredients of natural origin

   Balanced Ph

   Dermatologically tested


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Puris Baby ultra mild wet wipes for the diaper change are your best friends for cleansing your baby’s delicate skin. The soft tissue soaked in an innovative lotion based upon rice and coconut derivatives effectively cleanses and soothes your baby’s bottom. it is enriched with Avocado Oil containing nutritious properties,a s well as the soothing properties of Aloe Vera. Ideal for the newborns’ sensitive skin because it respects their fragile PH balance.

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